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How Businesses Can Use Mobile Apps as Sales Tools

Enterprise mobility can make the sales process faster, smoother and more straightforward for your salespeople, and most importantly, for your clients. Not only can you look forward to minimizing pain points throughout the sales funnel, but mobile solutions can noticeably improve the size and frequency of your sales.

Let’s look at how enterprise apps improve the sales cycle by solving your sales team and potential clients’ most common problems.

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Sales Cycle Problem #1: Obtuse Product Explanations

Effectively explaining complex products and solutions can be difficult, to say the least. This is especially true when less experienced sales people are trying to articulate an extensive product catalogue or intricate solution. In many cases, a prospective buyer is weighing multiple  proposals. A small but important detail can win them over – the kind of detail that didn’t make it into the brochure and is easy to leave out of the sales pitch. How do you ensure this critical differentiating value is delivered?

A salesperson with exquisite, up-to-date product knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge succinctly is irreplaceable – and, one in a million.

For the other 999,999 salespeople, there are straightforward ways to get better sales presentations and shorter sales cycles.

Solution: Simple, Complete, Interactive Presentations

An interactive, beautifully-designed, mobile presentation makes a huge difference.

A digital show & tell of each of your offerings helps salespeople visually communicate the full picture to a prospect. When designed befittingly, this type of presentation is more engaging and expressive than a chat and a full-color brochure. It also greatly relieves the pressure of having to know every detail about a complex inventory of offerings While this gives the salesperson a tool that makes it easier to commit the details to memory, they are allowed to focus on building a relationship and listening to prospect.

The most evident advantage of an interactive, mobile presentation is that whenever there’s an update, the mobile property is automatically, immediately updated too. That goes for everything from changing product numbers to adding new diagrams or chart. Every sales person affected by the update could then get a push notification on their mobile device, alerting them of the change. No outdated materials, no wasted printing costs, no mixed messages – just one well-planned, cohesive concept.

Sales Cycle Problem #2: Lackluster Proposals

There can be a lot of distance between the solution that gets both parties excited at the end of a successful sales meeting, and the proposed, cut-and-paste-style solution that lands on the prospect’s desk a week later.

This happens for a lot of reasons:

  • The person who wrote the proposal may not have taken part in a sales meeting with the prospect.
  • The salesperson may have forgotten or gotten too busy to record important items discussed in person.
  • Requested modifications may have been overlooked in the interest of hitting the deadline.
  • Your team could be operating off an outdated proposal-generating template. (When is the last time this important collateral was evaluated?)

Whatever the reason, when a prospect receives an imperfect proposal, the disconnect is a turn-off. It can add time to the sales cycle as the prospect tries to sort it out or as the proposal goes back for revisions. Even more damaging, it can leave them feeling like they weren’t listened to, and lose the sale altogether.

Solution: Start the Proposal Immediately

A simple sales app will allow your team to record important data before they leave their prospect’s office. Apps made for this purpose are designed so the salesperson can record quickly, without detracting from their presentation or taking time away from the meeting.

The result is that they can create a mock proposal on the spot, which the prospect could potentially review then and there, and which would be sent immediately to your proposal writing team, as applicable. At the least, you would have an accurate record of all critical data that will affect the final proposal, without the salesperson having to spend much time on it following the meeting. It also allows the final proposal to be prepared and sent more quickly after the meeting. Here’s an example.

Sales Cycle Problem #3: Not Enough Time in the Day

Often, sales and related support teams simply can’t get it all done in a day’s work. This is due in part to the fact that the average salesperson spends less than 50% of their working time actually selling. The other 50% is spent answering emails, sitting in internal meetings, researching and doing office-related work.

Getting hired to do one thing and only being able to do it for half of your working hours is ineffective for the company and demotivating for the employee.

Solution: Productivity Apps and Mobile Research Tools

Productivity apps are common solutions to office issues of time and task management. Smaller companies can adapt to boxed solutions better than enterprises, who will see the biggest gains with mobile solutions tailored to the way their processes and departments work, both individually and as part of the larger whole.  

An excellent example of this comes from Intel, who saved its employees an average 57 minutes a day by employing different internal productivity apps. Part of the time savings was because of the tools, part of it was attributed to a BYOD policy, where employees didn’t have to take extra time to learn a new operating system.

The total app count was 41, but keep in mind that number was spread out across a huge organization. Each employee only dealt with a handful of apps. Saving one hour per employee per day equates to millions, even billions, of dollars saved over time. A good investment, to be sure.

Beyond basic productivity apps, sales teams can benefit from time-saving and CRM-integrated apps that automatically update their sales collateral for them, send their proposal notes to the writing team, organize their client notes and help them keep track of competitor research. With mobile tools like these, your sales team spends less time in the office and more time in the field.

Shorten the Sales Cycle: Go Mobile

We make custom mobile tools that solve a wide variety of business needs, remove blocks and unclog bottlenecks. Syncing your sales team, making their presentations better and easier, and shortening your company’s sales cycle? All in a day’s work.

Contact Jackrabbit Mobile to find out what we can build for you.

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