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Making the Switch to Sketch 3

Another post about Sketch 3 ☺

Make The Switch

Getting right to it — Sketch is an amazing tool for Mobile UI Designers. Our tool belt use to include Photoshop, Illustrator, Cut and Slice Me, Griddify, Balsamiq, Skala Preview and more.. now we have Sketch. If you haven’t taken the time to try it out, you should, it will save you time and improve the quality of your designs.

Back Story

8 months ago or so, I downloaded the free month trial, but didn’t invest much in testing — ended up letting the trial period end with out really giving it a try. Fast forward 6 months or so, with a growing design team, we have made it a point to transition the majority of our design workflow over to Sketch. The decision wasn’t based off my own experience, it was based solely on the fact that producing quality mobile UI designs in Sketch is much easier and quicker than Photoshop/Illustrator — and the designers we have brought in have a background in User Experience Design, Architecture and Research, not as much Visual User Interface Design, so their workflow called for lower barrier to entry and allowed for guidance. It has worked amazing and Sketch is now our favorite and most used design tool.

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