We’re very excited to share our Jackrabbit Playbook!

At Jackrabbit, we help our amazing clients build impactful products. We get to work with cutting edge new technologies and design effective interfaces.

Our team has processes and best practices to reliably produce great results for each step from start to finish. We believe it’s valuable to share those best practices with our colleagues and our clients, so that we can best work together. That’s where this Playbook comes in.

We encourage you to read through and understand how we work, and the value and expertise we can bring to your product to make it real.

Downloadable PDF: https://www.jackrabbitmobile.com/playbook/

Read it on Medium: https://medium.com/@teamjackrabbit/playbook-65a0d42ef9cf

As we work together, we’ll refer to many of these sections in the Playbook. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!