Mobile Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies

Mobile applications for oil and gas companies aren’t optional anymore. Across all sectors –upstream, downstream, midstream, and services companies– those implementing well-designed custom apps have an immediate advantage in:

  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Recruiting Value and Employee Retention
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Safety
  • Project Timeline Adherence

The importance of mobile technology increases on an almost weekly basis, and industries must find ways to keep up with the changes in technology, and the changes in the way people use it.

Common Uses for Mobile Apps in Oil & Gas

Safety Training and Notifications
Employee Reports
Equipment Inventory and Maintenance
Real Time Visualization
of Field Data
Sales Reports
GPS and GIS Tracking

One of the biggest opportunities oil and gas has with mobile applications is the improvement of safety communications and training, especially for remote workers. The right application can do anything from basic safety training to monitoring pressure levels inside field equipment. It’s an added layer of safety awareness and adherence – and it’s in employees’ pockets at all times.

Oil & Gas Mobile Essentials

Oil & Gas Mobile Essentials

The key to making an impactful mobile application is knowing how to compress large amounts of complex information into an interface that is straightforward and simple. Jackrabbit Mobile specializes in:

  • Diverse data represented with clean, color-coded graphics
  • Interfaces that are easy for all user groups to understand and use
  • Efficiency-minded apps that work with your existing systems and processes
  • Applications that are fast, reliable, and completely secure
  • Development based on your business goals, not ours

Coming Soon: Mobile Safety Testing

The Mobile Safety Test App is a Jackrabbit Mobile project designed to improve safety comprehension among employees and increase safety test scores. The app shows managers how well trained each of their workers are in safety policies and procedures. At the same time, it keeps workers up to date with policy changes and allows them to test their know-how through a series of quick, interactive quizzes and create healthy competition among team members through a global leaderboard.

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