Austin Startup Week. Get Started

The Austin Startup Crawl is another reason why Austin’s tech and startup communities are awesome.

The Startup Crawl is held twice a year, once in the fall as the highlight of Austin Startup Week, then in the spring as a kickoff to SXSW Interactive.  It’s an opportunity for startups to open their doors and show their stuff to the public, and a chance for the community to get a peek deep into the great local entrepreneurial scene.  It’s a night of networking, demos, technology, business cards, and beer… and we love it.atx2Since most of the destinations are dimly lit, we designed the app with dark color schemes to be easier on the eyes and less distracting for the crowd. 

Our ATX Startup Crawl app helps more than 50 registered companies and 24,000+ crawlers explore, navigate, and enjoy the adventure.  The app provides a list of the organizations involved, with links for contact and more information.  There’s a map which plots the different locations where the crawl is happening, all over downtown Austin.  There’s a shuttle for bus crawlers between venues, and our map illustrates that bus route, along with showing you where the bus currently is, so you know when to hop on.


The map shows crawl destinations and info, plus bus routes and current bus locations.

The crawl includes contests and prizes.  If users visit five or more venues, they’re entered to win.  So the app automatically registers each venue visited, and alerts you once checked in.

The app also helps the organizers by providing a channel of communication, and we can send notifications to crawlers either by location or by broadcasting information.  Therefore we can tell everyone in Capital Factory when more food arrives, or tell the crawlers at the Startup Bazaar when the bus is near.

The crawl and app have also been featured in the Parse blog.  Checkout ATX Startup Crawl on the Android and iOS app stores, along with our web dashboard.