Adverse drug reactions that occur after a drug is on the market are reported to FAERS, the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System. Many drugs have additional adverse drug reactions discovered and reported after they are on the market. This database has been difficult to access in the past, but contains very important information. The larger issue is that most older patients are often prescribed multiple drugs and there is no tool that presents a combinatorial assessment of likely adverse drug reactions.

So we developed a basic prototype, the Adverse Combinational Drug Interface, that can present the most common adverse drug reactions from reports that are submitted AFTER drugs are on the market.

We built this prototype to aggregate and present this data, as adverse drug reactions are a significant problem in healthcare. Now this important data that used to be difficult to access can be reached quickly by any doctor or patient, and it is optimized for mobile. Therefore you can use it while you’re at home, in the doctor’s office, or on your way to the pharmacy.