A research group from a major university came to us looking for a way to allow stakeholders to access and interpret a large, complex dataset. Their needs were specific: they needed the app production-ready on a tight deadline (one or two months) and laypeople had to be able to use the app to access complex research findings. Additionally, the data had to be accessible at multiple levels of geographic aggregation, presenting complex data management and user interface challenges.

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Working with the researchers, we developed a simple-to-use web app that was ready when they needed it and which allowed people with minimal technological sophistication to interact with the data and understand how health policy was impacting the areas they cared about.

The research team was delighted to have their deadlines met, but more importantly, they were delighted with the app itself. They had years of experience struggling to develop using graphics without many words to convey research findings in scientifically valid ways to lay and academic audiences. These years of experience made them concerned about putting such a challenging task in the hands of others. They found that their trust in us was rewarded with an interface that had simple yet correct infographics to convey their complex findings.

The research team was awarded further major funding based on their success. They were pleased with the dramatic return on their investment in the app with Jackrabbit and have recommended Jackrabbit to others. We continue to collaborate with the researchers on ongoing endeavors.

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The research team tells us that one of the ways their investment was multiplied partially due to the trendiness and accessibility of mobile technology. They heard from stakeholders that sharing their data on mobile devices gave their work more attention, made it more accessible to more people, and gave their work a special cache that more traditional dissemination avenues do not have.