As the name suggests, Live Vicarious connects people to live experiences worldwide. App users and non-users can watch the first-person perspective of a major motocross, surfing, snowboarding, or other event, either live or on-demand.

Here’s how it works: Users can stream an event using either a GoPro or the iPhone’s built-in camera. A GoPro camera can create a livestream using GoPro’s WiFi mode, but won’t record or save the stream. This is where our app comes in. Live Vicarious integrates with the GoPro to grab the stream or the iPhone recording, then uses a data connection to upload it to a server, and saves it to that user’s Live Vicarious channel for future broadcasting.

LV_Screen_3Live Vicarious stores a recording from a GoPro or iPhone, then saves it to the app for future broadcasting.

Streamers and viewers have a lot of options for their content. Streamers can elect to show their experiences live, and not save the stream at all. They can hide the livestream from the public and only make it accessible later – this is a good option if they want to see the content before it’s broadcasted. They can also schedule future livestreams so that fans know when more content will be available and when to tune in to see the action live. Live and saved streams can be made available to the public, or viewing can be limited to a select group. Streamers can also delete their videos at any time. The person creating the streams has complete control.

LV_Screen_4Streamers can choose to broadcast live-only or to make streams available for future viewing, and can choose whether their streams are public or private.

One of the cool things about Live Vicarious is that viewers don’t have to have an account to see content. Videos are available to non-users through deep links, which allow in-app content to be shared across the internet. Aside from exclusive content and app reminders for upcoming livestreams, for the most part, anyone anywhere in the world can watch a stream without having to sign up or sign in. This accessibility is valuable for streamers because they can reach a much, much bigger audience; and it’s valuable for Live Vicarious because the easy access to awesome content basically acts as a free sample that encourages user onboarding.

LV_Screen_1The Live Vicarious app makes streamed content available even to viewers who don’t have an account. 

When we started building Live Vicarious, there was nothing else like it on the market, so we were really starting from scratch. We’ve led all the mobile development and advised on the UI/UX of the application.

The Live Vicarious app launches for beta testing in early 2015. Sign up or learn more!