The restaurant and service industries are fast-paced businesses that operate in real time. Therefore, a mobile dashboard in the hands of owners and managers is a powerful tool. MICROS is a large provider of hospitality and retail management software, and the MICROS mobile app provides a concise view into business performance and operations. Managers can see a quick snapshot of real-time statistics, such as sales reports and employee performance. We were involved in the development process and contributed app navigation and data visualization elements to the project.


Data visualization for sales reports.

Mobile data visualization is the challenge of packing as much useful information into a small space while maintaining readability and aesthetic. For use in a fast-paced environment, users need to quickly understand the data in a specific context. Therefore we use color, texture, and indicators to convey information. Smaller mobile screens require creative navigation methods, such as the toggleable tab drawer, made popular by the Facebook app. The tab drawer saves screen estate by consolidating navigation into a single view that is only displayed when necessary. This frees up other space and doesn’t interfere with app operation when hidden. Plus, it is a common function that usersĀ are already familiar with.

Enterprise software doesn’t have to be painful and inefficient. Your employees and customers shouldn’t have to fight with their tools and technology. It should follow the same conventions and standards of today’s technology.


Managers can track employee performance at many locations.