The Mrs., a popular band from Austin, got national attention when they set up a campaign to give everyday women a major confidence boost. The band’s “Magic Mirror” had people rate themselves using an interactive mirror, then the mirror spoke directly to each person to explain how wonderful he or she really was. View the campaign video here.

After 4 million+ YouTube views and features on ABC News and The Queen Latifah Show, The Mrs. came to us with a unique idea: Why not turn the Magic Mirror into an app?

TheMrs_1The goal was to maintain the viral momentum of the Magic Mirror, so we developed an app that would do all the things the real mirror did, including using the iPhone camera to act as a mirror where users could rate themselves. The main feature is a messaging platform, which can be used to send encouragement to other app users as well as to non-users. People can choose from several elaborate message types, called “Enoughies.”

TheMrs_2After integrating analytics, Jackrabbit measured activity metrics to figure out how to maintain user engagement over time. We came up with a few additions, like a new message type that lets one user invite a group of friends to send an Enoughie to another user. Enoughie recipients also have the option of sharing their messages on Facebook and Twitter, which ideally results in better user engagement and more new downloads of the app. For new users, we found that implementing a longer tutorial decreased the amount of drop-offs.


Speed and quality were our priorities, so we needed to mobilize a big team. We collaborated with teams across four separate time zones, which allowed us to stagger the stages of development, code review, and testing. Progress was always being made, even while some of us were asleep.

Working with remote stakeholders on a tight timeline requires excellent communication from everyone involved. We made sure that at least three of our working hours overlapped with our remote teams’ hours, which allowed for ad-hoc communication, collaboration, and team problem solving.


With the release of the Apple Watch, we added a watch app component to The Mrs. messaging app. Users with smartwatches can elect to send and receive their messages and Enoughies from their wrists.