The PetParent app is a super fun and interactive way for pet owners to find new, local activities for their furry friends and interact with other pet owners through a central newsfeed.

PetParent curates comprehensive listings of the best pet-friendly venues, restaurants, and businesses in a given city. When users want to grab a bite with their pets in tow, find a pet-friendly event, or find a top-recommended groomer, all they have to do is tap – no need to shuffle through dozens of irrelevant or outdated search results online!


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Pet-friendly businesses show up on each user’s map, with contact info and reviews available for each listing.  

The most popular feature is a pet photo contest, where pet owners can upload pictures of their pets for all users to view and vote on. Between photos of fuzzy puppies and the leaderboard that keeps track of whose pet is the cutest, this feature generates tons of engagement! And it’s just adorable, you have to see it.

A pet’s health is of top importance, which is why the app provides push reminders for things like vet appointments, shots, and medication refills. Is Fido due for his checkup? Ding, the app puts a reminder on your phone so he’ll always make his appointments on time! Plus, PetParent works with veterinarians and animal specialists to offer its users exclusive tips and articles on things like preventive care and dietary advice.

Users really liked the events listings and photo contests, but one challenge we had was getting them to treat the app as a social site where they could follow and interact with each other. A major hurdle of any social community is rebuilding the social connections users already have on other platforms. A solution we implemented was having the app import connections of the user’s Facebook friends who also had the app, therefore users didn’t need to re-follow people they already knew. (This was a huge benefit of having people sign up through Facebook.) The newsfeed aspect of the app also helped boost engagement, since users saw other people’s activity every time they logged in.

With minimal input from the client, the Jackrabbit team handled full design and development for both iOS and Android native apps.

Want to make it easier to keep your pet active and healthy? Check out PetParent!

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The app’s social aspect is key for getting users to interact more.