Transportation Made Simple.

RideScout integrates social networks, such as Facebook, to aggregate ride options ranked by time and cost. It provides real time comparisons to give flexibility and efficiency. Users can choose the best ride option for their situation.

User safety and data protection is a top priority when dealing with social networks and sensitive information. Especially when dealing with contact information and location data, we take great care to ensure that only safe and specific data is transferred.

Presentation consistency facilitates adoption and allows users to quickly understand an application without the need of detailed instructions. It also reduces the complexity of the app. Instead of using graphical overlays or extra text, we present public transportation directions in the same format that they are displayed in Google Maps. Chances are the user is familiar with that interface, and therefore will be instantly familiar with RideScout. Evening using the same icons, provided by Google.

With so many social networks and methods of transport, there are many services we integrate to provide aggregations and comparisons. RideScout takes advantage of public APIs to access these services. Instead of flipping between multiple websites to input the same route, we combine all of these options into one simple interface.

We get information from Facebook, Yellow Cab, Google Transit, Car2Go, and more. All of these separate sources are quickly pulled and formatted into a seamless single view that is simple and easy for the user to understand and decide.


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