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The SalesForce1 Cloud Platform is an API platform for all your SalesForce data, optimized for mobile.  It’s a powerful solution for organizations that already stores so much of their valuable data on SalesForce.  This cloud platform makes your data more accessible.

SmartPower’s raw data being steadily generated from smart sensors installed in homes.  These sensors were continually measuring real-time power consumption of each home.  Users in the field can login with their SalesForce account from their device and have immediate access to the power usage data.

At the city block level the app shows each house as a circle sized and colored according to its current energy usage. At the house level each sensor is shown as a time dependent graph. These graphs are built to be very intuitive as they can be paused and scrolled with the touch of a finger.

SmartPower was presented at the DreamForce conference with our partner, Qubop.

Many businesses already use cloud services that consolidate all their data into one place. Our clients are among those businesses and so we build custom apps that fit into their existing data management systems.
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