The Vision

The Society of Wine Educators (SWE) is an amazing organization, on a mission to advance wine and spirits education through professional development. They offer certificate programs to wine and spirits professionals around the world in an effort to foster and promote the wine industry.

The society came to us with an opportunity. They needed a partner to help them reach a younger audience and give wine enthusiasts an easy to digest, unobtrusive education tool that’s engaging and can help foster a new community of wine lovers.

Design Award

Best Mobile UI Design

Wine, Wit & Wisdom

Wine Education Goes Mobile with SWE’s New App!

The Mission

Our shared solution was a highly addictive, and super useful educational and social platform, The SWE Wine & Spirits Quiz.

We disguised a highly educational offering into an engaging and addictive social trivia platform. Our focus remains on both education and engagement —both of which help guide strategy.


We receive a healthy balance of feedback, from “these questions are impossible” to “wayyy too easy” — which is exactly where want to be. The content gets an update every year, taken straight from SWE’s previous year’s certification tests.

“This app is a perfect companion for the Certified Specialist of Spirits and Wine text books. It is not for those just looking to play around and learn a bit more. The app gets you ready for your certification test. I highly recommend it for those who are studying the materials for CSS or CSW.”
– Google play store review

The SWE team provides an amazing amount of education online, for free — so we drive users to this content by offering snippets of additional information for each questions, and them guiding then to continue learning through a “learn more” action. In addition, we provide direct access to SWE’s Blog, Study Guides and Region maps — a win win.

“The app is fantastic. Great questions and I enjoy being able to read more about the answers with the provided links to the blog page.”
– Apple App Store Review


Our very first step was getting to know potential users, their problems, expectations and needs — and we’ve never stopped. We continue to run ongoing interviews with users and validate features through usability tests and A/B testing.

“I use this on the train, in bed, at work… anywhere. If you’re studying for the CSW this is a great tool!”
– Apple App Store Review

We’ve iterated the social component, as the SWE community continues to grow. A major driver of user acquisition comes from our users sending invitations to their friends to join, play and compete. The advanced wine aficionados can compete as well — against their fellow specialists. Shout out to the current global leader Jeremy Stuart with 60,328 points!

“This app works so well. I’m learning in a fun way and being able to be competitive about it.”
– Google play store review


For us — success comes from awesome client partners and a team who’s excited, inspired and invested in the success of a product and it’s users.

“They are wonderful people to work with. We’re an older organization, so we we look for Jackrabbit to come in and give us a more youthful perspective, and they did an excellent job of that.”
– Jane Nickles / Director of Education, Society of Wine Educators
“We’ve been working on this project since 2013 —and the Wine Quiz continues to be at the top of our list of favorite projects! Driving engagement through user centered design and helping to educate an industry couldn’t be a better driver for us to do our best work.”
– Grayson Smith / Product Strategist, Jackrabbit Mobile

From that — we couldn’t be happier — but we’re also obsessed with KPI’s and metrics …


  • #1 “Wine Quiz” app on the App Store
  • #2 “Wine Quiz” app on the Play Store (Top rated w/4.6 stars)
  • 200,000 quizzes attempted in first 6 months of product launch
  • 85,000 quizzes passed in first 6 months of product launch
  • Award for Best Designed App by BMA
  • 7,200 monthly active users
  • 4.5 minutes average session duration
  • 26,000 sessions per month
  • 75% of users are under the age of 44
  • 60% of users are under the age of 34