Industry-leading data science center Vast came up with HomeStory as a sales tool for realtors. Similar to CarStory, this application funnels complex data sets about the real estate market into an easy-to-use, interactive tool for buying and selling properties.


Listings make each property’s key details easy to see at a glance.

HomeStory allows realtors to show their clients details and photos of a home, including factors like school districts and property values. The best part is that each listing is shown with a side-by-side comparison of similar properties, with clear, simple visuals for how each listing stacks up against competitors in terms of price, square footage, market value, and more.


Each listing shows how a property stacks up against similar properties.

Vast needed to unveil HomeStory on all platforms, including web, iOS, and Android, in time for an industry conference and stakeholder events, which put us on a tight deadline. We took a rapid MVP (minimum viable product) approach, putting the final product in the client’s hands in three months. To make this happen, we had to be very flexible and very well-integrated with Vast’s technical and sales teams. Weekly testing and feedback with these teams allowed us to pivot with the shifting needs of the project, helping us keep pace and hand off a sparkling product on time. Our client took the app directly to investors for a successful presentation.HS_5

The app is a simple way for realtors to organize client profiles.

Jackrabbit accelerated development on HomeStory, building an Android native version and purging bugs from the iOS version while maintaining the integrity of Vast’s codebase. We added and improved features with meticulous attention to user interface until it was ready to impress.

Jackrabbit focuses on mobile, so Vast can focus on what they do best.