Idea to App Workbook

All great things start from a simple idea. Here are the tools you need

Need to get an app developed? Use our Idea to App Workbook to turn your idea into a mobile application. Perfect guide made for nontechnical founders.


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This workbook is meant to serve as a guide and walk you through the process of turning your idea into an application. We have simplified the steps that have helped numerous clients define how their technology will look, feel, and function.

This was designed for everyone, from non-technical founders to experienced developers. The points are the same, regardless of whether you’re building an enterprise utility or social game. Answer these questions to the best of your ability and fill in the blanks with detail. Print as many pages as are needed for the user stories and wireframes.

The goal of this workbook is to build a technical specification and start turning your idea into reality. If you would like help or have questions, find us at


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