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Flat Design Example

2014 Mobile Design Trends: Taking the step towards Flat

Flat design is the new standard.

“Flat” is a minimalistic design approach. It emphasizes user experience and makes technology easier to use. As we’ve become more used to our smartphones, apps, and technology of the present day, we have become more familiar with how they work. Now, flat design is all about cutting out anything that gets in the way of our user experience. Flat has simplified design to the most basic elements, colors, shapes, and interactions.

It’s like driving a car. Road signs are simple and use basic symbols and colors. They provide only the information we need to make quick decisions. Flat design does just that. Only the necessary information is presented so that we can use our technology for its original purpose. The first step of going flat is cutting out all of the superfluous interface elements that were originally meant to humanize our technology. Now, rather than bringing aspects of real life to an interface, flat design illustrates a clear separation between technology and physical objects. It puts more focus on layout and usability and less emphasis on gradients and realism. That’s good news for our users.

The tech industry is founded on change and thanks to Apple we are no longer talking about a fad or another design style, we are talking about the new standard for web and mobile devices of the future. There is no question that over the next year we are going to see the majority of remaining interfaces move towards flat design which means users will begin to expect it. So stop arguing and start testing!

Here are a few great places to gain some inspiration.


Teehan + Lax








Haraldur Thorleifsson



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