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Austin Mobile App Development

We build custom mobile and web applications boasting industry-appropriate visuals and smooth UX design.

Jackrabbit Mobile is at the forefront of web and mobile app innovation, harnessing the industry’s latest and best tools to produce applications that work exactly how you want them to. 

Our experienced designers and developers create highly interactive and functional applications for desktop and mobile devices. The goal is to have an application rich with engaging features and boasts a UX design encouraging users to explore, create an account, and, more importantly, add your products or services to your cart. 

Your ideas and our technical expertise are the core of our UX design services. We bring your ideas to life, giving you an app that performs as your business needs, whether for marketing, e-commerce, customer service, engagement, or service delivery. Convey your vision; our developers will work hard to make it happen. 

Jackrabbit Mobile works with startups, e-commerce businesses, corporations, and individuals with ideas for apps who need the technical expertise to build one. We work hard and think outside the box to deliver every client's needs. Not one to be satisfied with the bare minimum, our Austin app development company provides UX design services that exceed expectations every time!  

We love designing apps and enjoy the challenge of developing them. Creating apps your customers will love is a fun and exciting experience, and we can’t wait to let you experience it!

The Only Austin App Development Company You’ll Need

Working with Jackrabbit Mobile earns you a partner that shares your passion for providing stellar, customer-centric online experiences. Ultimately, your goals become our goals, and we pull out all the stops to help you achieve them. 

Our focus is on YOU and YOUR CUSTOMERS. Our app developers in Austin have years of experience working with clients from various industries, building web and mobile apps for clients in finance, wellness, healthcare services, education, and transportation and mobility industries. Check out some of our work to see what we can do for you.

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We Offer Website and App Development + Custom UX Design Services in Austin

In a time when information is literally at one’s fingertips, consumers often find multiple options for a product or service they’re looking for. Our highly digital society has created a challenge for business owners: how does one stand out and attract new customers, while maintaining the high standard of service that keeps current customers happy? How do you keep up with tech trends without diluting business-to-customer relationships into generic, non-personal interactions? 

There can be many answers to these questions, but there’s one that we can help you with: custom app development.

A customized and branded app can help mobilize several aspects of your business:

  • Marketing - Showcase the products and services whose sales you want to push.
  • E-commerce - Make buying easier and safer for new and loyal customers.
  • Service Delivery - Keep things simple for subscribers and clients who rely on your services or technology.
  • Community Building - Create a platform where customers feel safe and free to engage with your brand and fellow patrons.
  • Customer Service - Empower your customer service team to answer questions and address customer concerns efficiently.

There’s more that you can do with customized apps. Whether you’re a B2C or B2B enterprise, our Austin web development company can offer web development solutions to contribute to your growth.

Austin Website Development

Professionally built and optimized websites are powerful tools businesses can use for marketing, sales generation, and everything in between. Think of your website as a virtual storefront: it represents your business, embodies your brand, and gives visitors a taste of what it’s like to walk into one of your stores or transact with your business. Meanwhile, web applications enhance customer experience, influencing their overall impression of your brand and business.

Mobile App Development in Austin

Mobile phones have become a necessity today. They are no longer just used for basic functions such as calling, texting, and playing games. People now use their phones for organizing their everyday life, work, studying, shopping, banking, and more. With over 6.5 billion smartphone users and 1.3 billion tablet users globally, investing in mobile app development would be wise. It could give your target market a more convenient channel to shop, buy, and access your products and services.

Jackrabbit Mobile develops native and hybrid or cross-platform applications, meeting the varied needs of businesses targeting specific market demographics.

iOS Apps

Jackrabbit Mobile’s customer-centric approach puts your ideas front and center of the development process. Our agile and lean methodology leaves room for much-needed adjustments while ensuring the timely delivery of your web or mobile app. More importantly, we make sure you are informed and involved in the crucial steps of app development.

Android Apps

Android makes up over 70% of mobile operating systems and 72% of cellular market shares globally. Since it is the most widely-used OS in phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, investing in Android app development is a strategic move that can be very rewarding for companies with a global audience or whose target demographics prefer Android phones. Consider Android app development if you wish to expand in Asia, South America, and other Android-dominant regions.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps

For clients that target both iOS and Android markets, we offer hybrid application development – a cost-effective option that uses one code base instead of one for each. We typically use Google Flutter and React Native for these projects. Hybrid development is ideal for applications with simple features and it doesn’t require hardware integrations exclusive to either Android or iOS.

Unsure which operating system your app should be on? Consult our specialists today.

Our Process

Jackrabbit Mobile’s customer-centric approach puts your ideas front and center of the development process. Our agile and lean methodology leaves room for much-needed adjustments while ensuring the timely delivery of your web or mobile app. More importantly, we make sure you are informed and involved in the crucial steps of app development.


Here’s how we work:

Mobile App Design & Development


Share your ideas with our design team, who’ll then translate your concepts into wireframes.

Mobile App Design & Development Research


To ensure your app meets your business needs, we conduct technical research about your business model, industry, and competitors’ technologies. We analyze all relevant information and determine digital solutions that benefit your business the most.

Mobile App Development


Our Austin web development team gets to work, ensuring that crucial elements like loading speed and responsiveness meet industry standards.

Mobile App Design & Development Testings


Once we’re done building your app, our beta testers will thoroughly test it to check and correct errors, bugs, and other issues that might affect user experience. We’ll also ask you to test the app and get your final notes on the design and execution before the app goes live.

Mobile App Design & Development Support


Our web development services don’t end with deployment. We also provide customer support to fix bugs and make changes where necessary.


Turn Your Unique Idea Into A Functional App

Jackrabbit Mobile works with individuals and businesses with an idea for an app. Whether you want to monetize it or not, we’ll provide the tools and expertise to make it a reality. Let’s make an app!