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Web Development

Jackrabbit designs custom Web Application and Solutions that meets your and your users needs. 

Jackrabbit Website & Web App Development Process

Our approach will depend on the frameworks and technical stack that we chose for the website or web application in discovery, however most will include server-side development for processing and hosting data and client-side application development (where users interact).

As the site/app is being built, our team has regular meetings with you to check in on progress and make any necessary decisions as issues arise or adjustments are needed.

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Our team begins building the site or web app based on the agreed upon wireframes and technology stacks that were determined in the initial Design & Discovery phase of the project.

We ensure optimized loading speed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), effective responsive design for mobile, and clean architecture for ease of management post-launch.

Testing & Support

Testing & Support

Once the site or web app is built, we test for bugs or errors on a staging site, where you and your beta users can visit and test the fully featured site before it is published publicly.

When we complete testing and have your final approval, we’ll publish the site to production where it will be live.


Setting You Up For Success

All final deliveries of digital solutions come with documentation so that our clients can confidently use and manage their product after launch. Some clients choose to engage in a maintenance agreement if regular more complex updates or tiered feature deployment are necessary, which our team is happy to help with!

Technologies We Use

JS Frameworks: React, Angular, Vue

Infrastructure: AWS, Heroku, Serverless, Firebase, Azure

Backend: Node.js, Graph QL, REST

Database: MongoDB, PostgresQL, AWS

Payment Services: Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, TransferWise

Languages: Java, Javascript, HTML5, SQL, Python, C#, PHP

Web Development Work Samples

Fully responsive, pixel perfect, and always user tested

Art & Culture Magazine Mobile Experience

Splash Pages for the Daily Cure Campaign

Bird’s Barbershop
Local Barbershop’s Desktop & Mobile Site

Let Jackrabbit Make Your Idea Reality

We deliver value to partners through mobile strategy expertise, user-centered design, and lean methodology. Take a look around our work portfolio and drop us a line, we’d love to chat.