Android App Development

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Android App Development

If you are looking for the best Android application development services or simply want to know more about Android app development for your business, we have just what you need. In the following sections, we go through the reasons for building an Android application today, the steps in building a mobile app, and some tips for ensuring your product’s success. Read on to find out more!

What Is an Android App?

An Android app is a software application designed to run on smartphones and tablets powered by Android OS. While some can be made available on websites, Android apps are usually uploaded and published on the Google Play Store. Our custom Android app development services will cover all these areas, from designing to assisting with monitoring and debugging after it goes live.  

Why Choose Android?

Android is one of the most (if not the most) popular operating systems today. Here are some interesting facts and figures to think about:

  • Android boasts more than 2.8 billion active users and is the dominant platform globally, with Google Play Store establishing a solid presence in 190 countries.  
  • Android recorded 72.1 percent of all smartphone users in the third quarter of 2021, still maintaining its lead from iOS’s 26.9 percent market share.   
  • Studies predict users could spend $60 billion on Google Play by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 19 percent. (Sensor Tower) 

These are just some of the many findings showing there are countless opportunities you can explore by investing in Android app development. 

But what exactly is in store for you after building an Android mobile app?

The Benefits of Custom Android App Development Services

  • Lower Investment and Higher ROI 

Developing an Android app involves using the Android SDK, Google’s software development kit designed for the Android platform. And since it’s readily available, an Android app development services company only has to pay a one-time registration fee to use the tool for building and testing its product. This translates to lower investment costs and increased user engagement in the long run.

  • Low Barriers to Entry 

Businesses developing an iOS app must do it using a Mac, while Android apps can be built on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Developers also only need to pay a one-time fee of $25 to begin developing and releasing their mobile apps, while iOS developers shoulder $99 every year.   

  • Versatility and Scalability 

Android Studio, the official integrated development environment (IDE) for the Android OS, allows you to build mobile applications compatible with devices within the entire Android ecosystem. This includes smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. 

  • Wider Audience Reach 

If you want to reach more audiences regardless of the device they’re using, investing in Android app development is undoubtedly worthwhile. Since these native apps are written in Java, your developer can easily port them from one mobile operating system to another.

Jackrabbit Mobile’s Android App Development Process

Thanks to the continuous evolution of technologies today, building a mobile application is becoming easier and more accessible to businesses. With that said, it’s still best to partner with an experienced Android app development services company if you want the best results. They have both the essential skills, creativity, and the right tools to bring your ideas to life. 

If you want to learn more about what it’s like to work with a mobile development agency, here’s a quick overview of our own Android app development process:

Product Requirements
Phase 1: Design and Discovery

We start every project with the Design and Discovery phase. For this stage, we meet with you to learn more about your mobile app’s concept, define your user persona, and study your target market. 

This is where our developers also work with you in putting together a style guide – a document incorporating your ideal color scheme, typeface, and graphics based on your branding guidelines. A style guide gives us a clear idea of the look and feel we’re going for.

Business Logic
Phase 2: Wireframes and Prototypes

After the first phase, our developers work on crafting wireframes and prototypes for your Android app. Wireframes are digital sketches of the application’s design and functionality, while prototypes are interactive mockups of the final product. These models demonstrate how the app will work, allowing you to identify the final modifications you want to make before proceeding. We have a collaborative approach to our Android mobile app development services, so we welcome your feedback as early as this stage.

Technical Research
Phase 3: App Development

The steps we’ll take in the development phase will naturally vary depending on what you want us to build. However, they generally include creating backend systems for hosting and processing data and making the app’s frontend. Our developers also perform Quality Assurance (QA) testing during this stage to ensure your app looks good and works well. 

Our team will regularly meet with you throughout the development process to keep you updated on our progress. We’ll also let you know if issues arise so you can make informed decisions as swiftly as possible.

Testing & Support
Phase 4: Deployment and Continuous Support

We assist you in deploying your mobile app, but this isn’t the end of our comprehensive Android application development services. Instead, we’ll continue to partner with you, providing continuous support through routine maintenance and regular updates.

Our team monitors apps for a specific period after they are published on app marketplaces. We collect and analyze user feedback for insights on improving the app. More importantly, we quickly resolve bugs and errors to ensure a smooth, satisfying customer experience.

Android App Development Services for Various Industries

We offer Android mobile app development services to clients from various industries. Our team has experience working with clients in healthcare services, rideshare, smart home technologies, and gaming, and we are excited to expand our portfolio and develop solutions for clients from other industries. 

Every project with Jackrabbit Mobile begins with Discovery. We devote ample time to learning about your business and industry and your competitors to come up with solutions that can push your business to the forefront. Whether the app you want to create can be considered mainstream or highly niche, our developers can cater to your unique needs.

Tips for Making a Successful Android App

Ready to turn your idea into a functioning mobile app? Here are some practical tips worth noting to develop and launch a successful Android application:

1. Follow Android’s Guidelines - Google Developers has extensive Android developer guides containing all the tips and tricks developers must know regarding Android development. These are readily available online, so make sure to take advantage of these resources as you build your product. 

Note that they update the documents regularly to adapt to the latest UI/UX trends, so it’s best to keep abreast of their updates. Doing so helps you keep your mobile app relevant and appealing amid the user’s changing needs.

2. Choose the Right Monetization Strategy - How you monetize your mobile app dramatically impacts your business and user experience, so it pays to think carefully about it. Here are the four monetization models you can choose from:

  • Subscription-based - This works best if you’re providing a service or offering access to certain content. 
  • In-app Purchases - If you intend to keep downloads free but want to sell items or additional features through the app, this model might be the best option. 
  • In-app Advertising - Another way to monetize free apps is to serve advertisements within your mobile application
  • Paid Apps - You can also make your application available only in the paid version, especially if you’re offering unique features.

3. Invest in App Security - Since more activities are done digitally, security is becoming increasingly essential today. That’s why it makes sense to embed security features in your application. Users will also appreciate your efforts in keeping their data secure from breaches and malware attacks.

4. Test and Update the App Continuously - The Android app development industry is becoming increasingly crowded, but you can stay ahead of the competition by continuously testing and updating your product. Taking a proactive approach to identifying issues and upgrading your mobile app is a surefire way to remain relevant to your user’s ever-evolving needs and wants.

Why Choose Jackrabbit Mobile’s Android Application Development Services

Rather than spend time building your own development team or acquiring the necessary tools, let Jackrabbit Mobile help you save time and resources. We can develop an Android application explicitly tailored to your unique business needs and goals with the following

Dedicated Mobile App Developers
We let you work with mobile app developers focusing on your Android app, helping ensure you’ll gain the high-quality product you’re expecting on time.

Vast Technical Experience
As a team developing apps across industries for nearly a decade, we’ve enhanced our skills in crafting effective bespoke solutions.

Eye-Catching & Responsive UI Designs
We love marrying the latest design trends and our clients’ big ideas to build easy-to-use, responsive, and captivating mobile applications.

No Communication Gap
With Jackrabbit Mobile, you’re never in the dark. Once you tap us for your Android app development, you can expect us to update you on our progress regularly.

Continuous Maintenance and Upgrade Support
Our developers offer continuous maintenance and support even after your app launch to ensure you’ll go nowhere but up!

Turn Your Big Idea Into Tomorrow’s Hottest App

Ready to bring your fresh idea into the world? The experts at Jackrabbit Mobile are here for you! We have the mobile strategy expertise, design processes, and lean methodology to help you succeed — all you have to do is reach out to get started. Inquire about our Android app development services today.

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