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A Consumer Guide to Mobile App Design Processes

When you need an application that will help you achieve your business goals while also improving the user experience of your customers, understanding the mobile app design process is crucial. 

There are several concepts that play a key role in app creation and addressing them early on will ensure a more natural progression as you move toward introducing your new product to the public. These include:

  • Setting goals for what the app will accomplish
  • Usability for people of all app / digital experience levels
  • Research around project requirements
  • Testing the app with its target audience

Setting goals is the first step in the mobile app design process. The developer will need to know your business goals and what part your new app will play in achieving them.

Usability is an important consideration because it directly relates to how customers will utilize the new product. This is where you and the developer will decide what features the app needs to have included and how they should be arranged on the screen so that a user can find them with ease.

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The design research will be centered on your stakeholders’ project requirements and the goals and needs of your target audience.

Once the app is created, the developer plans tests with its target audience to monitor its effectiveness and resolve issues discovered during the testing process.

Product Strategy Tips for Designing Mobile Apps

Generally the purpose of an app is either to educate, engage, or both. Because of this, a good deal of thought goes into developing an overall product strategy.

Start with an evaluation of the company vision, objectives, target and key performance indicators. These details will play directly into how the app achieves your desired outcome. 

Know your users by reviewing customer feedback, surveys, focus groups, and any other channels where customers provide you information about their needs and pain points.

Plan for growth by working with marketers and designers to continually improve the app and implement future updates.

Getting Your Mobile App Design Done Right  

To come up with a design that meets your goals, developers will ask, “Will it deliver a seamless user experience? Will it be easy to use? What will this app do for its owner’s business?”

If the app is difficult to use, customers will find it frustrating and abandon it. 

Conversely, an app that is super easy to use will improve repeat user rates & overall user growth.

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The design strategy for your app will include the number of screens it should have, how many buttons will be needed to perform specified tasks, and where to place those buttons on the screen. 

Before anyone actually uses your app, the locations of each feature and the role of each screen can only be assumed correct. This is where the next phase of user testing comes in. 

Performing Quality Research and Testing

You need to collect information that will help you determine the best way to modify & design the app. 

The testing phase of the mobile app design process requires a great deal of planning. Areas to test include usability, compatibility, functionality, security, and performance. Other factors can be added to the testing phase as needed.

Decide which devices will be used when testing your app. Consider which platforms the app will support, the earliest version of supported operating systems where relevant, and the most popular device models the target audience will use. 

Screen size is another important consideration and can vary from one device to another.

Conduct testing by individuals who are not familiar with app development to gain a realistic idea of what customers will experience. 

Use the results to create prototypes that showcase the app. These are often made available at sales and marketing events prior to the product’s release to demonstrate its purpose and how it works.

Jackrabbit Mobile’s App Project Experience

Jackrabbit Mobile has helped create a number of notable products including an app for the Society of Wine Educators (SWE). 

SWE approached our team with a need to reach a younger audience through a tool that makes wine and spirits information easy to digest and engaging. 

The goal was to design an application that would nurture a new community of wine enthusiasts. The solution? Jackrabbit Mobile created an educational social platform called the SWE Wine and Spirits Quiz. It focuses on education and engagement through a series of questions that helps users learn while having fun.

The SWE app won a design award for Best Mobile UI Design as well as a BMA award.

Use the Benefits of Knowing the App Design Process

When working with a developer, you will create a strong partnership, which will result in a successful product that reaches as many users as possible. Learning about the process that the developer goes through will help you set realistic expectations for your app.

More importantly, you’ll better understand what questions to ask and what information to provide so that your app works perfectly. 

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