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This image shows the Clutch logo which is the word Clutch in a navy blue sans serif font with an orange circle in the center of the second letter C.

iRep Agency Awards Jackrabbit Mobile 5-Star Clutch Review for Web App Design and Development

We’re honored to receive a five-star review for our work with UX/UI design and web app development for iRep Agency!

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Agile Methodology Infographic

Jackrabbit Mobile Explains: Digital Project Operations & Development

Project Operations Our project management processes allow our teams to produce great software at high efficiency. Creating beautiful, easy to use products and growing a dedicated group of fans is…

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Texas Emerging Technology Fund

Great funding opportunities for Texas startups. RIGHT NOW!

I was at a talk about the (Texas Emerging Technologies Fund) TETF program because since we are headquartered in Austin, Texas and many startups friends are looking for funding in…

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class with kid raising hand

Three Principles for Lean, Practical Technology Development for Startups

After being members of dozens of development teams, designing hundreds of UIViewControllers, and participating in enough scrums to be a rugby team, there’s a few things we’ve learned along the…

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