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Most Common Mobile App Development Questions

When building mobile apps, there are several aspects of the process clients need to consider. Answering important questions upfront will put them at ease and increase their confidence that the overall product will be exactly what they hoped for. 

What will my mobile app cost?

The cost will depend on the size of the proposed project, as well as the complexity of the app. Giving a quote without many details is sort of like asking a contractor, “How much will it cost to build a house?”

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Without knowing the number of stories you want, the size of the backyard, or how many bathrooms, it’s basically an impossible question to answer. 

Contact us here and with a few questions we can give you a price range so that you know if your project is economically feasible for your business. 

Will you stay in touch with me during the entire process?

Client-to-customer communication is a crucial part of the app development process. Your app’s success will depend on how well the developer understands your business and what you want the app to do. Likewise, you need to gain a clear understanding of the development process so that you can set realistic expectations.

What is the first phase of app development?

The first phase is discovery. This is where you and the developer discuss your needs and figure out the best solution for achieving end goals. Think of your app developer as a partner who is working with you to create a tool that will help improve the lives of its users. 

How long will it take for my app to be designed?

The project timeline will depend on the goals you have set and how the proposed app will tie into them. Those goals will align with what you want from the app – more customer conversions, better information for its users, or maybe you’re interested in gathering data about a particular audience.

 You and the developer will figure out what the final design should look like, when you’ll get to test it, and when your feedback is required. 

Once the developer has a prototype, he or she will test it on typical users to ensure that all features are working correctly and efficiently. The app should be intuitive and easy to use regardless of a person’s digital savvy.

What should I know about app design?

After communicating your business goals to the developer, you will need to provide some information about the end user (your target audience for the app) to aid in the design process. 

This is how the developer will determine how to incorporate and organize all the features into the app. How users will navigate the product will play an essential part in how it will be designed.

Once all the features have been prioritized, the developer will provide a basic sketch of the app show you the general product design flow. This helps determine the best layout of buttons and screens for an optimal user experience.

What if I already have a design for my app?

Even if you already have designs in mind, your developer can work with them to come up with the best product possible. Experience in app creation definitely comes in handy during this phase.

Communicate your vision to the developer so you can work together on finding the best solutions to meet your customers’ needs. Feedback from a developer as well as other team members will likely induce some design tweaks. 

Why use mockups and prototypes for app development?

Mockups and prototypes are created to show you how the app will work and can serve as specifications. You can use these prototypes for demonstration purposes at promotional and sales events.

Jackrabbit Mobile Project History

Here at Jackrabbit, we understand your app development needs. All our projects are unique and are treated as such every step of the way.

One project Jackrabbit Mobile worked on was Augmented Reality Cornhole, a product that translated the popular lawn game Cornhole into an augmented reality experience. 

One of our goals was to build a custom feature that would enable users to create markers that serve as user-defined targets. 

Augmented reality is appealing because it allows players to begin a game anywhere regardless of the environment. Up until then, most augmented reality apps on the market, especially in the area of mobile games, required these markers to be physically printed out on a piece of paper. 

This marker enables positioning of the game using the phone camera. The creation of this customer feature meant the elimination of physically printing them altogether, creating a more enjoyable and flexible user experience. 

Benefits of Understanding the Mobile App Development Process

By forming a partnership with an app developer, you are reaching out to experts who can take your vision and make it a reality. This will result in more customer conversions and company growth. 

You’ll avoid unexpected surprises, delays and know what questions to ask. 

The next time you need a software solution, your understanding of the process and experience working with professional developers will further streamline the development from start to finish.

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