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New Launch: Toned Fitness App

We just launched this Android fitness app last week! Toned makes at-home workouts easy. It gives users short exercises to do, tells them how many reps to perform and includes…

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Home Automation Hub Comparison: Apple HomeKit and Yonomi

Last year, Apple debuted its iOS home automation system, called HomeKit. HomeKit gives you remote control of your home, including lights, appliances and more. It’s available on iOS 8.1 and…

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Yonomi App Launches, Featured in Target’s Open House

We’re thrilled to say the Yonomi iOS app successfully launched last month! This was a particularly exciting project for us to work on because it’s an awesome, futuristic and still…

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Jackrabbit Mobile at IoT Evolution Expo

Last week, our VP of Strategy went to the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas. This event enabled her to meet with other IoT industry front-runners. Ophelia at the IoT…

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New Launch! Squirl

Squirl for iOS connects book lovers with nearby, real-life places from their favorite books. Imagine you’re a Sherlock Holmes buff. When you walk past 221 Baker Street in London, Squirl…

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How Businesses Can Use Mobile Apps as Sales Tools

Enterprise mobility can make the sales process faster, smoother and more straightforward for your salespeople, and most importantly, for your clients. Not only can you look forward to minimizing pain…

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How to Market an App

Tip #1: Get users before the app is released. As of July 2015, the Apple App Store offered approximately 1.5 million apps for download, while the Google Play Store offered…

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We're releasing our first Material UI Kit for Sketch

Jackrabbit is excited to share the very first version of our Material UI Kit for Sketch.  We’ve been having a blast designing Material apps for Android and were really excited…

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