Most people only talk to their healthcare providers when something is wrong. Once patients leave the doctor’s office, they rarely keep in touch with their doctor between appointments.

Therefore the problem that arises is that the conversation with the doctor comes after something is wrong. There is a lack of communication and preventative care. Doctors are also very busy, and have limited time to keep in contact with all of their patients.

eRelevance provides that communication channel between patients and providers and facilities the important conversations between appointments. Doctors can stay in contact with patients and talk about the patients health, habits, and more, through personalized conversations.

The system is HIPPA compliant and mobile supported. On the go you can communicate with your doctor, schedule an appointment, and share information securely. This allows doctors to be more efficient with their time, and for people to receive better continuous care.

At Jackrabbit, we designed the user interfaces to be clean and efficient. We wanted to convey professionalism and trust. The app needed to include a lot of educational information in an efficient way. We used modern mobile standards, with considerations that much of the audience may not be tech savvy. Then we implemented the applications on iOS and Android, including analytics to monitor patient engagement and usage.