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Generating Public Revenue Without Raising Taxes

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Every year over $5B of damage occurs on U.S. roadways from vehicle accidents and fires. Even though most of this damage is caused by insured vehicles, an overwhelming amount of the repair costs is unrecovered by the responsible governmental entity.   Years of available data show that governments have not been nimble in shepherding a robust claims processing and administrative effort that would result in reimbursement for all of this infrastructure damage. The result? Citizens and state governments overwhelmingly pick up the tab. eXmarX’s patent pending software and operational approach assists governmental entities in filling this recovery void. Utilizing cutting edge technology, coupled with decades of claims experience, eXmarX pursues heretofore unclaimed damages in an infrastructure damage space which is either underserved, as in cases of hard infrastructure damage, or essentially nonexistent, as in the area of roadway fires.

The reasons for the gap between infrastructure damage costs and recovery is twofold:

  1. Actionable data whereby claims can be initiated is not captured in a timely, efficient manner.
  2. There is an absence of a formal, repeatable process to recover monies.

eXmarX partnered with Jackrabbit Mobile to develop a digital product that addresses this gap and maximizes operational efficiencies on the front end of the claim process, thereby enhancing revenue collection results on the backend. 


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Mobile App Design
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development

In their pursuit of a streamlined solution for insurance claims processing, eXmarX partnered with Jackrabbit Mobile to undertake a comprehensive digital transformation.

Together, we developed a tailored platform designed to address the challenges encountered by government entities and enhance their ability to generate public revenue. The Android and iOS mobile apps streamline the data collection process, creating more accurate and actionable data, while simultaneously creating a repeatable process to easily integrate data collection into the claims processing application to recover monies. By developing an app that allows workers to collect data onsite on the front end and then consolidate with automated and manual intake of data from government sources and databases, eXmarX is able to add a quality assurance check to the process before sending off for claims processing. Both the increase in quality and quantity of actionable data and the review of that data and claims contributes to a higher submission rate, success rate, and revenue.

Key Features

Claims Processing Platform: A centralized platform for efficiently processing insurance claims related to public property damage, ensuring faster resolution and revenue collection.

Regulatory Compliance: An automated system to monitor and adapt to changing regulations, minimizing risks and revenue losses.

Data Analytics: The application collects, processes, and analyzes data to enhance decision-making and revenue optimization.

Maximizing Revenue: The platform was designed to maximize revenue collection without the need for tax hikes, in line with eXmarX’s core competency.

Development Process

The development process was carried out through several phases:

Requirement Analysis: Jackrabbit Mobile collaborated closely with eXmarX to understand their specific needs, challenges, and revenue generation goals.

Development and Testing: The development team designed and built the eXmarX system, with frequent testing and iterations to ensure it met eXmarXs requirements.

Integration: The new system was seamlessly integrated into eXmarX's existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to their operations.

Training and Support: Comprehensive training for eXmarX’s team members and ongoing technical support ensured a smooth adaptation to the new system.

The collaboration between eXmarX and Jackrabbit Mobile in developing the eXmarX ecosystem enhanced revenue generation for state and municipal governments without imposing additional tax burdens to the public. This collaboration underscores the potential of strategic partnerships and digital solutions in achieving revenue generation objectives.

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