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Your Recipes Done Easy: iPad Training, Batching, & Labeling

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Philip Weikel is the proud owner of Weikel’s Bakery located in La Grange and Brenham, Texas. Although the bakery began as a mom and pop operation, as the business grew, the impetus for the Recipeasy application came out of the necessity to fill big orders by creating perfect large-scale batches consistently for their clients. Philip and co-founder Nick came to Jackrabbit Mobile with the desire to create a system that would solve several of the business challenges they faced in the day-to-day operations of the bakery – storing and sharing recipes securely across locations, consistency between batches whether large or small, training staff quickly and effectively, and labeling finished batches appropriately so that the product is properly stored and rotated. The resulting Recipeasy app solves those challenges and supports the business by cutting down on training costs (one of the greatest costs to any restaurant or retail food production business), reducing food waste with precise production and proper labeling and storage, and retaining clients with consistent batches delivered every time.


  • UX/UI Design
  • iOS Development for iPad
  • User Experience
  • User Interface Design
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Recipeasy is an iOS app for iPads that walks employees, trainees, or students through the steps of a recipe including a scaling integration and label making integration so that all recipes are completed accurately and stored safely.

The key features of Recipeasy can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Recipe Storage & Management

As an administrator, the user can add recipes into the secure digital Recipeasy recipe book. As the recipe instructions are added, the user can include photos, videos, and scale weights in each step. When a recipe is changed, it is automatically updated across the entire system keeping batches consistent across locations. Additionally, if you’re concerned about staff security, the user can set up custom recipe permissions at any time.

  1. Production

When an employee, trainee, or student begins to make a recipe, they go through each step guided by photos, video, and/or connected Bluetooth scales, making it the perfect tool for new or well-seasoned chefs and bakers to craft precise recipes every time. Even with wholesale or commercial production, bench and floor-scales with capacities up to 2,000 pounds allow large batches to be handled with care and precision. With label printing as well, Recipeasy helps make sure the products are fresh by allowing employees to create labels for each batch with detailed information to properly label, store, and rotate products.

  1. Training

With visual and easy-to-follow instructions at every step, Recipeasy reduces the time spent in costly onboarding process for new team members by ensuring accurate recreation of recipes for even the newest employees.

To view a walkthrough of Recipeasy, watch the video below:

An additional benefit discovered as Recipeasy was implemented at Weikel’s Bakery is the cross-disciplinary educational value of the tool.

Whether learning general life skills, expanding interest in the culinary arts, or transitioning into the workforce, the simplicity of Recipeasy and self-paced steps made it possible for anyone to learn. The bakery has since hired two special needs employees who have transitioned into the workforce and use Recipeasy as an occupational training curriculum customized to the bakery’s needs. You can learn more about this on our blog.

Recipeasy Logo on iPad

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