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RetireMax Software is an iOS app designed to efficiently create multi-scenario, high quality, and detailed retirement plans for clients of financial professionals.

The idea for RetireMax Software was originally developed by a few friends in the financial industry. The founders discovered that many of them were using complex Excel spreadsheets and formulas to develop custom plans for their clients and felt that there could be a more efficient way to enter their various repeatable inputs (over 21 factors!). This software would give them the ability to help even more clients plan for and reach financial stability in retirement with ease. The digital solution developed with Jackrabbit is now the iOS app, RetireMax, that helps financial professionals to create high quality and detailed retirement plans for their clients based on a variety of inputs that can even be changed to create multiple scenarios and updated for easy daily management.


  • Mobile Design
    • User Experience Design (UX Design)
    • User Interface Design (UI Design)
  • Mobile Development
    • Native iOS Development (Swift)
A picture of an iPad with the RetireMax app open to showcase some of the visuals there and how the iPad app is laid out.

The founder of RetireMax came to us with a vision for an easy to use iPad application that would streamline their processes as financial professionals.

Based on an excel document of over 21 tabs of information, Jackrabbit developed this application in Swift with a friendly user interface and powerful backend to process all of that data and scenarios. It's now available across Apple devices including MacOS and iOS for iPhone and iPads. RetireMax Software features easy input of a variety of data resulting in custom retirement plans - when to start taking social security, when to start saving, how to minimize taxes, and more - based on your retirement goals. The app can also generate and send easy-to-read PDF reports directly to clients. By completing all of the complex calculations for these financial scenarios, it allows financial professionals to spend more time answering their clients’ questions and trying different scenarios to find one that works best for them and their retirement. It’s also updated regularly to ensure that all calculations match any changes in financial or tax regulations.

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