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New Launch! Squirl

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Squirl for iOS connects book lovers with nearby, real-life places from their favorite books.

Imagine you’re a Sherlock Holmes buff. When you walk past 221 Baker Street in London, Squirl would let you know you’re on the literary map, tell you what locations from the books are nearby, and even give some excerpts from the stories themselves. It’s a fantastic tool for readers to discover new stories and make those stories come to life, as well as a fun way to explore new cities when traveling.

The app is already loaded with literary classics and great contemporary books, with new books by independent authors continually being added. Independent authors and publishers can use Squirl as a platform for reaching an audience that’s already indicated interest in similar genres.

Jackrabbit Mobile handled a portion of the iOS development and launch, as well as some UI tweaks for this app. Released in open beta on August 14, Squirl has already been featured in Publishers Weekly, USA Today, The Huffington Post and more. It’s an unusual, dynamic and delightful way to explore the real and fictional worlds around you.

Squirl launches this October at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the biggest book fair in the world.  Stop on by and check Squirl out!

Get Squirl now for free in the App Store.

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