How to Write Content for Mobile App


Mobile apps have taken over the dominance when it comes to spending time online and using mobiledevices. In fact, a statistic shows that 70% of all US digital media time comes from mobile apps. Peopleall over the globe use mobile apps to improve their life quality, reach goals, have fun, or simplify theirdaily activities. And,…

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Common Mobile Marketing App Mistakes Business Owners Must Avoid in 2021

person holding a smartphone

In 2020, revenue from mobile apps reached close to $190 billion, both through app stores and in-app marketing. And mobile app use has long since surpassed web app use on PC and laptops.  No business that wants to remain competitive can survive and thrive without a mobile app. But here is the other statistic that…

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How to Choose an Austin Web Development Company

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In the last decade, web development companies, both large and small, have chosen to make Austin, Texas, their home. In fact, more are making the move each year. Whether mobile app or web, tech companies in the heart of Texas are world-class. With so much talent, it can be hard to decide on a developer. Read on to…

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Choosing a Company for Mobile App Development Services

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Whether it’s enhancing customer experience, increasing revenue, or building brand awareness, mobile apps offer a multitude of benefits to both large and small businesses. Maybe you know over half a millennial-owned small businesses have a mobile app, and you’re ready to add one but you aren’t sure where to start. If so, your best bet…

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App design for small business: Take your product to another level

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Is App Design for Small Business a Good Idea? Technology evolution is nonstop. There are approximately 24 million app developers in the world and that number is expected to grow to nearly 29 million by 2024. Why? It may be because experts predict mobile apps will generate more than 935 billion US dollars in revenues…

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The Basics of How to Design an App

app designing with computer

How to Design an App We are immersed in the digital era, and its nonstop journey. There are many types of apps available to satisfy a variety of content and particular needs depending on the targeted audience. It seems everyone wants to  know how to design an app these days, and it’s no wonder. There…

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10 Keys For Creating a Successful iOS App Design

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A whopping 400,000 apps—or 60 percent of all apps—in the App Store have never been downloaded. Not even once.  And many apps that are downloaded don’t fare much better; over 75 percent of apps that are downloaded are only opened once. With those statistics, investing time and resources into iOS app design for your small…

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How to Create an App for a Nonprofit

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More and more people and using mobile applications. In fact, users downloaded more than 200 billion apps in 2019! Building an app for your nonprofit could help you reach more people and raise more money for important causes. Although app development sounds complicated, new technologies and tools are removing many of the barriers to app…

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How to Make an App for Your Small Business

phone screen with app icons and map in background

Approximately 42% of small businesses have a mobile app, and only 30% plan to build one in the future. Mobile apps are important in engaging both current customers and potential customers to react, purchase, and even use your services and/or products.  Therefore, a mobile app is essential in increasing your customer base and boosting your…

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