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What We Can Expect from Apps in 2023 

Over the past few years, the mobile app development industry has experienced massive growth. Nearly everyone uses smartphones, and people rely on apps for everything, whether it’s food delivery, entertainment or work management. Undoubtedly, it is a booming industry, capable of reaching millions of individuals worldwide. 

Due to their capability to engage with digital consumers, apps have become a valuable resource for businesses. However, business owners must keep on top of mobile app development trends to create relevant and valuable software to target users. 

Top Upcoming Trends for Mobile Apps

Below, we compiled the latest trends in mobile app development, so you know what to expect next year. Let’s see what we can look forward to in 2023!

5G Technology

5G is on its way to becoming the new standard for mobile technology in the upcoming year. It allows for almost-immediate data transfer, faster upload and download speeds and lower latency. But how does 5G influence app development?

Well, 5G app development enables seamless browsing since the technology is a prerequisite for efficient, high-performing apps. Furthermore, with 5G, videos will have UltraHD and high-resolution options, enhancing the performance of video streaming applications. In addition, it gives more opportunities for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) since integration will be simpler and quicker. Generally, 5G app development improves user experiences by several notches thanks to its faster speeds.

AI-Powered Interactions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most important mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2023. Businesses can leverage AI to improve interaction and engagement, delivering a better experience to consumers.

The most common way to utilize AI for businesses is through chatbots, which are software programs capable of responding to messages and answering general queries.

Superior Data Security

Users must often add their personal information to apps to maximize their use. For this reason, mobile applications are the primary target of cyber attackers due to the wealth of data available. Consequences of a malware attack include identity theft, stolen login credentials, stolen credit card details and unauthorized access to business and personal networks. 

A data breach is a massive problem for both the brand and the user. The consumers’ data is compromised while the business’s reliability and credibility are adversely affected. Therefore, adding superior data security to apps is among the most crucial mobile development trends in 2023.

Voice Search

With the success of voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant, voice search technology has been among the most recurring mobile app development trends in the last few years. 

Voice Search is Gaining Popularity

More and more people are using voice search features. According to eMarketer, 40 percent of the United States population uses this feature. In addition, 71 percent of online users prefer conducting voice queries to typing, as reported by PwC. With the growing popularity of the technology, it’s high time for businesses to adapt their approach to search engines. Aside from integrating voice search capabilities into apps, brand owners must also ensure that their application is discoverable via voice search queries.

Mobile Commerce

Purchases via apps, known as m-commerce, are among the most crucial mobile development trends to watch out for in the next year. 

Mobile apps make shopping more straightforward and convenient for consumers. Therefore, businesses must adapt to this trend or lose many potential sales or users otherwise. According to recent reports, shoppers view four times more products per session and produce three times more conversions within the app than on mobile sites. Furthermore, consumers spend the majority of their time online on mobile apps. According to a report by The Manifest, more than half of mobile users open an app ten times a day. 

Don’t Lose Customers by Being Slow to Building Your App!

The reality is users prefer apps over mobile browsers. If you are a business that wishes to connect with your target customers and increase conversions, creating a mobile app is the best thing to do.

Make a Future-Ready App With Jackrabbit Mobile

The right app can elevate your brand or business to greater heights. It is a valuable tool that builds customer loyalty, creates vital brand awareness and generates increased sales. However, it would help if you kept up with the latest trends in mobile app development, so you gain valuable insights into creating an application that is a hit with your target audience.

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