How to Write Content for Mobile App

Mobile apps have taken over the dominance when it comes to spending time online and using mobile
devices. In fact, a statistic shows that 70% of all US digital media time comes from mobile apps. People
all over the globe use mobile apps to improve their life quality, reach goals, have fun, or simplify their
daily activities. And, while a huge number of potential app users is a plus, it also signifies a highly
competitive market.

Stand Out in a Competitive App Market with Great Content

If you want your app to stand out from the rest and reach the target audience you’ve set, you need to improve your marketing efforts. And, content marketing is your strongest tool- if you know how to use

7 Tips for Improving Your Mobile App’s Content

Fortunately, this article covers all the ground rules of writing content for a mobile app, so just keep

Jackrabbit Mobile has compiled 7 tips that will help improve your writing for apps!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Know Your App Users

Start with a simple question and find the most precise answer you can.

  • Who are your app users?

Knowing your target audience means knowing the type of content they’ll lie reading and interacting with. The answer needs to include as many details as possible:

  • age
  • sex
  • location
  • social status
  • online behavior
  • problems they face
  • education level

Define them precisely and create your user persona. 

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2: Speak Your App User’s Language

Writing your app content for a specific target group of people requires you to speak their language. There’s no universal way we can all write app content, but we all need to adjust to the needs of our users. 

That means a car maintenance app and an app with children’s developmental activities won’t use the same:

  • tone of voice
  • personality
  • vocabulary 

Adapt to your users and imagine your speaking to them, as you write your content.

3: Solve The Problems that Your Users are Facing

When potential app users are looking for an app online, their main focus is on solving a problem they’re experiencing. So, most of their searches look like this:

  • weight loss app
  • baby sleeping app
  • language learning app

They need an app that can help them solve a specific pain point. That’s why your content should focus on it, as well.

So, when you’re writing, make sure the essence of the content is:

  • the main purpose of the app: This weight-loss app provides tips and guidance…
  • the goals they can reach by using it: Lose up to 8 pounds a month…
  • the ways it will make their lives better: You’ll feel healthier, more motivated, and confident…

If the content is about the users and how they benefit from the app, more people will be on board for giving it a try.

4: Create A Structure to Help Users Digest the Content

Most people reading the content about a mobile app are doing it from a mobile device. The smaller-sized screens require your attention when creating this content.


Because you don’t want to lose potential app users just because your content was poorly structured. Here’s what you need to do:

  • divide your content using subheadings with catchy titles
  • write in smaller content chunks using paragraphs
  • write short sentences that are informative and concise
  • use bullet points and lists

When your content is well-structured, it’s also visually richer. People enjoy reading it more since it is dynamic and keeps them engaged all the way to the end. You can find editing help at SupremeDissertations, to make sure you’re nailing the structure. It’ll make all the difference for your target audience.

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5: Use Storytelling to Keep Users Engaged

Is your app a life-changer? Share it with your audience using storytelling and provoke an emotional reaction from them.

For instance, your app helps people find and book accommodation when traveling. Share a story about a woman who fell in love with the destination, decided to stay there for good, and start a business.

Stories such as these are meaningful and will have more people memorize your app by connecting it to the emotional reaction they had.

Make sure the stories are aligned with your brand and created for your specific target audience.

6: Be Accurate and Reliable – NO Misleading or Incorrect Material

Remember earlier when we discussed competition? Well, yours is probably as strong as any other, which means you need to focus on standing shoulder to shoulder with them. 

You’re fighting for the same target audience, and these people are looking for an app that is:

  • reliable
  • trustworthy
  • professional
  • perfect in every sense

If they find even the smallest weak link in your presentation, they’ll just move on to the next app. That’s why your content needs to be spotless. That means:

  • no grammar or spelling mistakes
  • no typos
  • consistency in style, tone, and voice

You can use TrustMyPaper or Grammarly to improve the quality of your writing. Make sure it’s all well-organized and clearly formulated. This will help you build a reputation as a credible and professional mobile app.

7: Always Add A CTA

Finally, all this content you’re writing as a part of your mobile app strategy has one goal- to get people to download and use your mobile app. To remind and inspire them to do so, you should always include a convincing CTA in the picture.

CTAs are short, imperative messages that create a sense of urgency and motivate people to do as you say. Those include:

  • Download Today!
  • Start losing weight!
  • Yes, I want fun activities for my toddler.
  • Let’s get started!
  • Learn new tricks every day!

You get the idea. Use CTAs with every piece of content you write to make it more convincing and make better results with your content writing efforts.

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Writing content for a mobile app is a powerful marketing tool and means of communicating with your target audience. It helps you fight your competitors and get your piece of the market. It also helps build loyal relationships with your app users.

The 7 tips we’ve shared above will guide you through the process of writing brilliant content for your mobile app. So, have no worries and start writing today.

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