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Austin Mobile App Development: 5 Tips to Make Your App Stand Out

Got a business in Austin, Texas? Thinking about developing an app? Not sure if it’s worth the investment?

In a crowded marketplace like the Android Play Store and iOS App Store, how can you be certain your app will stand out from the crowd?

Over 200 million apps are downloaded every year. On average, 90k are added each month. But users spend 77% of their time sticking with their three top apps.

If you need an Austin mobile app development team to help your Texas-based business who can you trust? They need to know how to code applications but also have to convince your customers to download and keep them.

So what makes an app so good that it becomes a must-have?

Here are 5 ways you can make your app stand out and stand proud. These tips will help you save money and better promote your business.

1. Define Your Business Model

There are two main categories of applications: consumer-centric and business-centric. Defining which one you want is critical to the app’s success.

Consumer-Centric Apps

Consumer-centric apps focus on entertainment. They generally include games, social media, chat, and instant messaging.

They rely on a great UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) to capture and retain users. Income for these types of app are usually generated through in-content advertisements, micro-transactions, or in-app purchases.

Consumer interaction for these apps is vital, since promotion comes mostly via word of mouth and online ads.

Business-Centric Apps

Business apps promote a company’s brand. They offer a single source of information about a business and provide a point of interaction. Services include online transactions, support messaging, and e-commerce and e-business trading.

A business app offers something its customers want like vouchers or key content. The perfect app combines the company’s objectives, its customers’ needs, and the right tech solution.

Choose a Side

Before you Google mobile app developers you need to decide what type of app you want and have a general sense of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Make a list of everything you need the app to do, what purpose it serves, and for who.

2. Choose Your Platform(s)

The two main platforms are iOS for the iPhone and iPad and Android for devices running Google’s mobile system.

In the first half of 2019, Apple’s App Store made 80% more revenue than Google Play. However, Android runs on 86% of the global smartphone market. Google logged 20.7 billion downloads compared to Apple’s 7.4 billion.

So which platform should your app target? Apple or Google? The App Store or Google Play?

The answer depends on the answers to some of the questions we’ve already outlined. Who are you targeting and what are you trying to get them to do?

Hybrid and Cross-Platform Apps

Instead of being exclusive to one type of operating system or anotehr, hybrid and cross-platform applications use the same code to build multiple apps. These solutions allow developers to write once and publish twice. Submitting to both stores allows you to increases your app’s reach.

This is where an experienced mobile app development team pays dividends. They can help you map out a plan and make decisions for what platforms to build your app for based on your goals. If you’re looking for the widest reach, make sure the mobile app development companies you contact offer cross-platform solutions. Don’t limit yourself to just one device, even in the short term. Business needs change and you’ll kick yourself if you didn’t get it right from the start.

3. Better Quality Equals Better Retention

Anyone can build an app. There are free software tools online or you can download Android Studio and get coding immediately.

But not everyone can build a good app.

For best user retention your app needs a great UX. The team you hire needs to understand your customer: what they want and what they don’t.

It’s essential to list exactly what you want your app to do. That way everything the app offers points to those goals.

Your team should focus on creating an MVP or minimum viable product. This first draft of your app ticks all the boxes but leaves room for additional features down the line based on user feedback.

Using an Agile Process for mobile development ensures everything works before coding continues. Bugs are weeded out, your needs are met, and the end result is the best quality app a user won’t uninstall.

4. Optimize for App Stores

Your application is finished and goes live! Well done, it’s been a long journey.

But then you realize there’s more road ahead as you need to market your app. How on earth do you do that?

When getting ready to release your mobile app, a great marketing and launch strategy can be the difference between success and failure. In fact, a great marketing strategy begins long before the days and weeks leading up to launch. That’s why you should include your development team in the marketing process from when the very beginning. 

5. The Update Cycle

Lastly, even when your app is fully complete – it’s really not.

Stale content and a UI soon put a user off. That’s why it’s essential to analyze uninstalls and interaction statistics. Fresh content and a new coat of paint on an ongoing basis do wonders to keep your customers tapping.

Aim to provide new updates on a regular basis. Long-term retention is the goal and that is only possible when you keep your app up to date. Take feedback from your users and incorporate that into a plan to build on and improve your the initial version of your app.

Analyze. Update. Upgrade. Repeat.

Premiere Austin Mobile App Development

Now you know what’s required to make a premiere app, you need premiere developers to create it.

If you’re from the great state of Texas, then Jackrabbit Mobile is your perfect fit.

We are an Austin mobile app development team that specializes in high-level business applications. We offer native Android and iOS coding as well as hybrid applications.

Jackrabbit Mobile is a Clutch Top 1000 company and a Trusted Partner. Since 2012, we’ve helped companies of all sizes build the best apps on all platforms.

Call the experts and take the first step in building an app that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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