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Screenshot of new app clip in action by Apple iOS 14

WWDC20: Apple Introduces App Clips for iOS 14

Apple introduced App Clips for iOS 14, coming Fall 2020, during the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC20) this week. Similar to Google Instant Apps, App Clips allow a user to quickly access key app components, on demand, via an App Clip card, without downloading the entire app. They are typically comprised of linear, one-task-at-a-time, experiences like the Apple-provided examples of purchasing a coffee, paying a parking fee, or renting a scooter. 

How Do App Clips Enhance User Experience? 

Coming in under 10 MB, App Clips ship bundled with the complete app, and are launched via a QR code, and coming later this year, via an App Clip Code that is initiated by tapping or scanning. They can also be launched by Tapping a location-based suggestion from Siri Suggestions, a link in the Maps app, a Smart App Banner on a website, or a link that someone has shared via the Messages app. 

Once the App Clip is launched, a user can easily download the entire app if desired. If an App Clip is accessed once and then forgotten about, it will automatically be deleted. In turn, if an App Clip is used many times, certain data may persist, like a previous or repeat order in the example of purchasing coffee. 

Key Advantages

A key advantage of App Clips is the treatment data privacy. Because an App Clip runs the app code on demand, sensitive data that lives on the iPhone is not accessed

When creating App Clips, developers should choose components of an app that lend themselves to the strength of App Clips and enhance fast, in-the-moment experiences that  reach the user at the right time.  

You can find more information on App Clips from Apple here.

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