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What to Know About the Cost for Mobile App Development

Learning about mobile app development? Want to get a mobile app developed? 

Either way, the cost for mobile app development is one of the most asked questions in the industry. And in reality, the responses to it are highly variable. 

In this article, we will take a look at how the cost is established, and how to properly outsource development. 

Time, Money, Effort

When it comes to developing mobile applications for iOS & Android, these are the approximated costs.

A simple application with no database or social media integrations can take anywhere from one to three months to develop. Because of this, the cost will usually start at about $3,000, but that’s on the lower end.

An app with a database, social media integrations, API can take up to six months to be built by a team of three developers. So it’s not uncommon to see prices starting at $15,000 and higher.

An enterprise or brand app with advanced geographic, commerce integrations and a verbose database will take more than six months to make, and a full team of five to 10 people. This kind of app can easily start at $50,000.

And sure, the prices vary greatly from developer to developer. And depending on the country you are in, the hourly wage will vary as well. Countries like Ukraine are on par in terms of ability as the USA, but the prices for outsourcing to them are three times lower than that of their counterpart.


The most prominent app stores are built for Android and iOS operating systems. However, each is also a widely-different target group, therefore you have to determine which platform is right for you. 

You can develop an application that works on both platforms, but that will cost significantly more than if you were to choose one.

iOS is primarily used in Western Europe and the USA. Whereas, Android is very popular in Australia, Asia, Africa. So by determining where your prospects live, you can determine what type of smartphone they are more likely to use. 

Not only you should consider the location, but also the behavior of your potential users. If you are building a paid app, iOS is a better option, because Android users are not likely to pay for apps. 

Usually, an app should start with iOS, and then increase the population of users via expanding to Android. But this order should be stringent upon your extrinsic research of your customers.

App Types

Now that the platform has been determined, you can finally jump into development. Therefore, the type of app and its technicality will be the most important factor to consider for cost.

Table Mobile Apps

The most simple of data combination apps are table/list apps. They can be used to provide information on what a user is querying for. From this, they can be sent to a purchase funnel, and then allowed comparison of products to others, much like a mobile website.

Database Mobile Apps

This application allows the user to find, present, and interact with information from verbose databases. They are often integrated with a website and help retrieve external information from a service, then pushing them to the network to be organized in a table-based format.

Dynamic Mobile Apps

These apps need to interact with APIs and other devices. These abilities allow the app to change on the go, therefore this type of app can quickly change its cost pace, and run up your bill.

Feature Factors

Considering those factors, features also present the ability to change the cost of app development. For instance, features like: 

  1. Customer profiles
  2. Sign-ins
  3. In-app payments
  4. Search functions
  5. Geolocation
  6. Reviews
  7. Connectivity
  8. Database limited access

So on and so forth. These are all add-on features, and they contribute to the final development cost on the premise of additional hours.

Best Practices for Mobile App Development Outsourcing

When it comes to outsourcing your mobile app, you either do it right or do it poorly. Here are some practices to follow to make sure you are on target.


When you are building your app, customer security should be the number #1 priority. Their information ahs to be protected encrypted, even more so than the app itself. Authentication methods are a must and can help prevent data breaches.


If you don’t know your users, you can start developing and bring potential users onboard to provide feedback. Via direct involvement of potential users, you can quickly assess what the customer needs and who the customer is.


When developing the app, the developer should provide you with software documentation that presents information on app maintenance and upkeep. 


Not all agreements go well with developers, so it’s best to get protection. Ownership rights, data loss, poor results are potential risks. Without legal support from an attorney, you are left to your own devices. 


Don’t shell out entirely. Reserve a large chunk of total payment until the end product is highly-positive as a result. This cost should be saved, in case anything goes wrong, and then they can fix it post-release.


Any type of design features and functionality trends should be used as much as possible, but at the same time – your app should still be unique. Stand out, bring value and bring something new to the people.

Cost for Mobile App Development Unearthed

Now that you know how to determine the cost for mobile app development, you are well on your way to involving yourself in development outsourcing. 

If you’re interested in having your idea developed into a mobile app, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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