Hey, if you’re going to SXSW and interested in mobile, there’s a ton of opportunities to dig in deep. Check out a couple of these picks for some great places to start.

We’ll be attending every session that we can jam pack into our schedule.

sxsw interactive

Mobile Addicts Anonymous Meet Up


One of the best aspects of SXSW is the community. I’ve met hundreds of awesome people year after year. Take advantage of the meet ups, and this one is specifically for mobile.

Making the Mobile Leap


Now that you’ve accepted that you and your business needs to go mobile, it’s time to take the jump. Hear strategies from some of the top mobile companies such as Airbnb, Box, Eventbrite, and Pinterest.

Mobile Means Business: Learn How to Get Ahead


Urban Airship is holding Mobile Saturday, a handful of sessions centered around mobile. Now that you’re ready to go mobile, look to this event to learn about mobile first thinking and strategy.

Location Based Marketing: Beyond Advertising


iBeacon, geofencing, and location based marketing is the new hot thing in mobile advertising. Expect to see it a lot more this coming year.

Mobile Cloud Meet Up


The cloud, the cloud! Yes, the cloud is a huge component of mobile, it’s where we get and send all of our magical data that is changing the world. Come talk to more enthusiasts. We’ll be there too =).

Mobile – from Apps to the Enterprise


Once you’ve learned and mastered the app domain, let’s take a look deeper into the enterprise side of things.