LIVESTRONG came to us with a project and they needed it done in less than week. They needed a campaign splash page that conformed with mock-ups and some descriptions. We built their page and added custom javascript development to improve the user experience. Along with these improvements we made it mobile ready through fully responsive design.

The site had to be consistent with LIVESTRONG’s ongoing branding and users were going to be visiting the splash page because LIVESTRONG was going live with an ad campaign leading people to the page.

When you visit a website on your phone, you expect the site to “know” what you want to see on your screen based on your interaction with the site. Part of our commitment to truly responsive design is meeting and exceeding industry standards for features like this for user experience on mobile devices. Our work for LIVESTRONG reflected this in our development of custom javascript to enhance the use of card-based navigation on mobile devices under changing display and selection conditions.

In order to enable LIVESTRONG to track the success of their campaign and understand their user dynamics, the page had to collect analytics tracking card interactions, shares, and social network interaction.