iOS7 is here, and whether it was Love at first sight or not, iOS7, or Flat design is the new standard for design. Everyone stuck in the Skeuomorphism stone age is now working on a Flat iOS7 update for their Applications. iOS7 design isn’t perfect, but we are beginning to agree that it is pretty damn beautiful. As it happens with almost all new UI or UX design, seeing it is one thing, but using it on your mobile device is a whole different beast. The early developer adopters and designers debated for months about the new design, but once the public got hold of the update it was instantly accepted as the future. iOS7 is a fresh update, and surely one of the most important UI re-designs of technical age. Sure a few of the icons could be better, but when is that not the case?

Anyway, we we have collected the best of the best in iOS 7 GUI kits and templates to help you get started designing for the future. We have a wide variety of formats, wether you work on mockups in Illustrator, Photosohp or Sketch, we got you covered. We will continue to update this, hope you enjoy!


[Ai] App Icon Teamplate / by Carol Lee


[PSD] App Icon Template


[PSD] iOS7 UI Kit / by Applidium


[PSD] iOS7 Home Screen Template / by Aaron Kettl


[Ai] iOS7 iPad UI Kit / by Kim Ruelo


[Ai] iOS7 UI Kit / by Kim Ruelo


[PSD] iOS7 UI Kit / by Teehan + Lax


[Ai] iOS7 UI Wireframe Kit / by Blake Perdue


[Sketch] iOS7 UI Kit / by Sketch Gems


The iOS7 Design Cheat Sheet / by Ivo Mynttinen


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