The Fitness Coach for Your Finances

Guava is an automatic budgeting assistant for managing your finances. It is personalized based on bank statements and spending, and provides individual tips and feedback to each person’s unique situation. These teach people how to meet their goals and, like a coach, Guava encourages you when you need it and congratulates you when you deserve it. Here are some interesting numbers that research has found:

  • 59% of employes want more financial help from their employers, and 44% of them want personal financial software provided by their employers.
  • Employee financial security has a 3:1 ROI in increased productivity.
  • 77% of employees live paycheck to paycheck.
  • 78% of employes aren’t saving enough or retirement.


We researched and provided tests during the product exploration phase. We designed a fully responsive dashboard, a library of custom icons and badges, a complete identity and branding system as well as a website splash page. We have partnered with Guava to help them get ready for launch, and we’re excited to continue to improve the product.