We set out to create an app that brought the richness and unexpectedness of TRIBEZA to the mobile screen. Being long time readers of the magazine provided us with an initial understanding of the user base, and we also wanted to be sure to not leave any user behind. After studying the industry, effects and user base, we were able to pinpoint ways to make the print readers’ transition to mobile smooth and exciting. With these considerations, plus TRIBEZA’s unique design, the new surge of flat design in iOS 7, and touch gestures, we made the app look and feel just like the magazine.


The app mirrors the richness and unexpectedness of the print magazine.

Jackrabbit designed and developed custom iOS and Android native apps. With TRIBEZA’s print circulation just over 22,000 magazines per month, we are providing a platform to reach more users and grow their brand.


The app consolidates stories into easy-to-read mobile bites.