Project: Yonomi

iOS App Discovers & Controls Smart Home Devices



Yonomi is a great IoT (internet of things) application for connected homes. It streamlines daily routines by allowing smart devices like lights, kitchen gadgets and speakers to communicate with each other. We developed the iOS app for Yonomi. It’s simple, user-friendly and free.


  • iOS Application

Yonomi had a bold vision

Build a native iOS app that not only discovers, identifies and controls smart household devices, but allows them all to work together.

Imagine your porch light automatically turning off at sunrise, your coffee maker starting when your alarm clock rings, and your lights shutting off and thermostat readjusting itself when you lock the door behind you. These are the type of practical interactions Yonomi makes possible.

The product is beautifully simple and requires no additional hardware. Supported connected devices include mobile phones and tablets, Sonos speakers, Jawbone and Withings fitness trackers, August Smart Locks, Nest thermostats, Philips Hue lights, Mimo baby monitors, LED bulbs, motion sensors, netcams, coffeemakers, crockpots, and a long and still-growing list of other household smarts items.

Yonomi had a clear vision from the beginning

Yonomi had the cloud infrastructure needed to discover and interact with local smart devices. All it needed was development of an iOS native app, which is where we came in.


The smart home app lets you control one connected device, or create "routines" by syncing multiple devices.


There’s no extra hardware or setup on the user’s end. Yonomi automatically IDs and categorizes devices.

Yonomi is a great IoT (internet of things)

In its first month, Yonomi attracted 922 new iOS users. Yonomi has been called “the best thing to happen to the internet of things,” and it’s still in an early stage. We can’t wait to see how this IoT product develops and what changes it may bring to the smart home market!

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