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All About Apps: Everything You Should Know About Mobile App Development Cost

It feels like everyone has a smartphone these days. And so it makes sense that mobile apps are now used more than websites!

Everyone is spending time on their mobile devices to look at business apps, playing games on apps, and doing so much more on their mobile devices wherever they are, which is why it’s a good idea to get into the mobile app business. 

Having a successful mobile app can help you generate profit, generate more traffic for your business, and brand your business. 

But how much does mobile app development cost

Here’s a guide that can help you figure out what kind of budget you need depending on the kind of mobile app you want to create. 

The Cost Depends on What Kind of App You Want to Create

The cost of an app can exceed $50,000. Overall the cost will depend on the features, the complexity of the design, and the kind of software you want in your app. 

There are often three kinds of apps that vary in price. 

The first is a basic kind of app with simple functionality. It cost anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 and generally will take about 3-5 months to complete. 

If you are looking for someone to design a mobile app with medium complexity, which offers more features and better design, it could easily cost over $100,000. It also will likely take 6 to 9 months to complete this type of app project. 

Finally, if you want someone to design and create a large, cross-platform, complex app, the cost will most likely extend to $240,000 or more. This project can easily take over a year depending on the features and the design of the app.

So what are the main considerations that distinguish between a simple and complex mobile app development project?

Native or Hybrid App?

First, is if you want a native or hybrid app. 

Without getting too technical, a native app is designed for one operating system alone. The price of the native app depends entirely on how many platforms you want it designed for. 

The hybrid app is designed for multiple operating systems instead of just one system separately. It actually may save you money because you are building an application for a whole bunch of systems, but the tradeoff is there are limitations to what can be implemented. Going hybrid you aren’t building multiple applications for multiple systems, which is more expensive.

If you want essential tips on development and flow when it comes to creating a hybrid or native app, check out our blog post on the topic. 

Other Costs of Hiring Someone to Create an App

With any project, especially creating an app, there will be unknown fees. That’s why it’s important to plan for these fees and include them in your budget. 

Regardless of any app, you want to be created, there will always be maintenance fees.

Other unknown costs will involve functional services, which are the features of the app. For instance, your app will could need push notifications or access to map databases. These types of functionalities can create ongoing costs from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars in order to provide these features for the user. 

Further, there are typically administrative services that are needed to access data or update your content. You will need a developer that can regularly perform these duties for you without having to hire someone different each time your app needs an update. 

These services all depend on how regularly you update your content, what your analytics look like, what kind of updates you’re looking to implement, and what kind of data you are trying to access. 

What’s Your Budget and Other Factors

Ultimately, your budget will play the biggest role in the developmental cost of your app. While you may know how much certain features cost, what platforms you want your app on, as well as other specifics, it all comes down to what your budget is. 

Another factor that contributes to the cost is who is building your app and when you need your app to be developed. 

Choosing to hire a freelancer or an independent contractor may be cheaper than hiring an entire company to develop your app. 

Another factor to consider that will affect the cost of the app is when you need the app to be developed and ready to launch. If you are looking to rush the process, it will be more costly and not be as seamless as you want it to be. 

The final consideration for app development is finding the right partner that understands and believes in your mission rather than taking the risk of going with a cheaper app developer. When it comes to mobile development, doing it right the first time can help avoid costly re-builds further down the line. When considering a partner you should ask, do they understand your business goals and what your overall purpose for the app is for your targeted audience? 

If the developer you hire has a firm idea of what your mission statement is and agrees with it, the more likely it is you’ve found a partner that will work out well. You’ll also have fewer headaches with the right development partner.

Figure Out Your Own Mobile App Development Cost

The most important factor to consider about mobile app developmental cost is what the blueprint of your app looks like. That means you have to consider if you are creating a native or hybrid app, what platform it will be used on. 

Another consideration is to remember to stick with your budget, especially when it comes to unknown costs. You don’t know how many thousands of dollars you will be paying in maintenance and updates. When you’re looking to build a mobile app, there’s a lot to navigate and consider, which is why you need a mobile app development expert you can trust.

Contact us and we can help guide you through the process while answering all questions you have about your project.

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