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Jackrabbit Mobile at IoT Evolution Expo

Last week, our VP of Strategy went to the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas. This event enabled her to meet with other IoT industry front-runners.

IMG_3331_Ophelia at the IoT Expo

The internet of things (IoT) is a huge and not yet fully-defined space. It combines many different usage ideas, current technologies and proposed devices. They’re all under the umbrella of universal, machine-to-machine connectedness, which is still very much a digital frontier. We’re years away from finding out which companies, technologies and applications will succeed and sustain. The industry is still picking teams and holding scrimmages.

There are different levels of the IoT ecosystem. Our role is building software at the platform level, providing user experiences and elegant functionality. We’re developing mobile applications that harness data from IoT devices and deliver big data to the end users. Mobile platforms are a natural choice. Consumers expect mobility. That, and the functional benefits of IoT devices diminish greatly if end users have to rely on a stationary hub, which introduces potential compatibility issues, increases the risk of remote connection problems and requires upfront costs as well as potential maintenance expenses.

Mobile apps bring a few specific benefits to IoT – beyond mobile controls, we can also…

  • Deliver big data analytics to mobile end users in a consumable, intuitive way.
  • Use mobile devices to collect data, so businesses and end users don’t incur extra costs.

Jackrabbit Mobile is a bridge between big data companies and end users. Our expertise lies heavily in understanding how mobile users engage with products and services from an analytic level – in other words, providing the best opportunities for IoT device adoption.

It’s a really exciting time to be involved in this really exciting stuff. One of our favorite recent projects is Yonomi app for smart home products. A master-platform of sorts that meaningfully connects a variety of home products from a variety of manufacturers, Yonomi is a great example of what IoT is intended to be.

Another app, Live Vicarious, applies IoT to a single product – a GoPro camera – and uses it to broadcast personal experiences to family, friends or the entire world.

IoT Developers for Now and for the Future

Though IoT apps are still in the germinative stage, this technology is unquestionably going to rule the future of modern tools at both the consumer and business levels.

Talk to us about mobile applications for connected products and IoT technologies, either at the consumer or enterprise level. Get in touch today.

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