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6 Questions to Ask Austin Mobile App Development Professionals Before Partnering With Them

Are you interested in creating an app for your business? Having an app can open your business up to several new customer service and outreach opportunities. 

If you’re looking for a developer to help you create an app for your business, then you need to know what to ask of potential prospects. Your new app is too important to fly by the seat of your pants or wing it.

Here are a handful of questions you should ask when you research app developers. 

1. Which platforms can you build for?

There are more than two million apps in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. So there are large markets for both platforms. Understanding your market and your purpose will help you prioritize which platform you want to focus on for your business. 

As a business, you need to know ahead of time if you want to work with an IOS app development company or an Android app development company. When it comes to app platforms, one size does not fit all. Unless you are going for a hybrid option you need to tailor your app for each platform.

2. Do you have any references?

While it might seem nice to contract your great-nephew to design an app for you while he is on summer break, it’s not ideal. You are a professional business and you need to work with a professional developer. 

When considering a company, check them out and see what others are saying about them. Ask for references from former clients, if they can’t (or won’t) give them, this is usually a red flag. When you call their references, ask to see their app. Then, get their feedback on how the whole process went along with the finished product.

3. Can you show some previous work samples?

Any reputable mobile development company will have a portfolio for you to look at that showcases their expertise and past projects.

Take a look at the various types of projects they have completed to get a feel for if their work matches your vision for your app. How do the apps they’ve completed function? What do they look like? What sort of reviews do they get?

The time you spend digging and researching now will save you countless headaches down the road.

4. What happens when the app is complete?

You have your finished app. You’ve uploaded it into your developer account and are ready to go. Now what?

What sort of support is your developer willing to give you after they deliver your product? The first 30 days should be minimum so you can figure out the bugs. After that can you buy ad hoc support or sign up for a maintenance support package? 

Find this out before you get to the end of the project and find out you’re on your own without any help.

5. What is the timeline to develop the app?

You want to be on the same wavelength about how long it will take to develop your app. It won’t happen in a month, and if they say it will, thank them for their time and run away fast.

Additional to how long it will take, you want to know what their process is like. How long will they spend on market research? How much input will you get at each stage and how will you be able to provide feedback along the way?

Ultimately you want a development company that you can partner with and will be with you each step of the way. It is so important to know this information before you spend six months getting nowhere.

6. How much will it cost?

Yes, this is last. And for a true professional who is worth it, be willing to spend more. But you still need to be a savvy businessperson. Find out ahead of time how much it will cost and at which milestones you will be expected to pay.

Find out what deliverables will be available at each milestone and how they will communicate their progress. This is similar to the question above, but communication and transparency are key when outsourcing app development work.

Why You Should Hire an Austin Mobile App Development Company

Now that you know the questions you should ask, you can start researching different app developers. Here at Jackrabbit Mobile we focus on being involved in our community as a local company. We specialize in both iOS and Android designs. So regardless of which platform you’re interested in, we can help you. We regularly build apps for both and test both rigorously in the office here in Austin.

We strongly believe we’re the best in the business. And we enjoy being involved with our local tech ecosystem here in Austin. So, if you’re interested in working with a local company that specializes in creating apps, then we look forward to hearing from you. You can ask us all these questions and more because we know we have what you need to create a successful app for your business. 

Yes, There’s an App for That

You’re well on your way to being able to tell your customers there’s an app for your company, too. In no time at all, you’ll be one of the 60 million apps in the store.

And if you’re interested in hiring an Austin mobile app development company, reach out to us today. We are here to help answer any questions you may have as you get started. 

Let’s Make Your Idea Reality

We deliver value to partners through mobile strategy expertise, user-centered design, and lean methodology. Take a look around our work portfolio and drop us a line, we’d love to chat.