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5 Things to Do Before Talking to an Android App Development Company

Last year, there were roughly 2.5 billion Android devices in the world. That amounts to one device for every 3 people in the world.

Let’s assume that everyone owns five devices, which is excessive for most of us. That still leaves us with half a billion users.

This is great news if you’re an Android app development company because it means there’s no shortage of potential customers. Unfortunately, there’s also no shortage of competition.

Maybe you’re not an app development company. Maybe you’re starting out, but have an idea for an app and are thinking of contacting a developer. There are some things you should do first.

1. Look Through Existing Apps

The first step in creating a popular app is to look over other apps, both the successful and unsuccessful. Pay attention to what the apps do, what the company is trying to ‘sell’ people.

Don’t assume that all apps have to have a larger purpose. Sure, there are practical apps that work in everyday life. You can use them for transportation, or to look for dates, or even learn new languages, but they don’t have the market cornered. Some of the most popular apps are phone games, which offer nothing more than a fun way to kill time.

While looking for which apps are popular, you should also be looking for trends. Is a certain kind of app popular at the moment? Have food delivery apps experienced more downloads in the wake of COVID-19? How about texting apps, like Whatsapp?

2. Read Reviews

After you’ve looked at what’s successful, look into the apps that aren’t. Read comments and reviews to see why they’re not successful.

Are there problems with the interface? Does the app cost too much?

After finding out the flaws in various apps, try to mentally rework them. If you were designing the app, how would you fix those problems? Keep your ideas in mind when it comes time to present your own app ideas.

3. Talk to People

Your biggest and most reliable resource is going to be your customer base. Chances are, you know people who have phones. Ask them about the kinds of apps they use, and why.

Better yet, turn to social media or other public forums. Get the opinions of people you don’t know. That’s the best way to make sure you’re getting impartial feedback.

Are there certain features that would instantly attract their attention or any that would try their patience? This is another thing to keep in mind when the time comes to approach an android app development company.

If you already have an idea for an app, bring it up. Ask them if they’re interested in your app idea. If not, ask them why not and if there’s anything you could do with the app to make them change their minds.

4. Don’t Rush

Developing an app is a lot of work.  Even dreaming up an idea for an app can take time, so it’s important to make time a priority. Keep in mind that you don’t have to spend all your time brainstorming.

Sometimes, the best solutions come to you when you’re not trying to think of them. You don’t  even have to think about other people. Is there anything you do throughout the day that you wish were easier?

You might start by coming up with a list of problems. These can be any problems you can think of.

They don’t have to be something you or anyone you know has experienced. They just need to be problems you think you can solve

Once you have a list of problems, think of possible solutions. In particular, try to think of solutions that you could do with a phone app. You’d be surprised what you can come up with.

When thinking of app ideas, it may be best to draw on your own skills and expertise. For instance, a cooking app may sound cool, but it’s not a great idea if you don’t know how to cook. 

5. Go to Meetups and Hackathons

Before we go any further, we should explain that a hackathon is not a place where you learn to hack. Instead, it’s a place to meet other people interested in tech and app development. 

This is a great place to get both information and inspiration. After hearing about what others are doing, you may be able to come up with an idea of your own.

Even if inspiration doesn’t strike, you could still benefit. You may end up getting some of your questions about the app development process answered.

You may meet a few people who are willing to help you with your app or can put you in contact with companies that will. If nothing else, you’ll get to spend some time with interesting people that you have a bit in common with.

When to See an Android App Development Company

Designing an app is a time-consuming process, and there are a lot of steps to take before approaching an Android app development company.

For more information on website and app development please reach out. We’d be happy to help you get started turning your idea into reality.

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