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Selling Your C-Suite on Enterprise Mobile Apps

Enterprise apps are a complex subject. Many companies have found they’re necessary – but also insurmountable. Usually, it’s up to the people in lower-upper management or upper-middle management to realize…

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Mobile Apps for Operational Efficiency

Anybody who’s been in the workforce for a couple years has gone through company-instituted experiments with applications that claim to make people’s jobs easier. Whether it’s computer software, cloud-based networks,…

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A Practical Look at Oil and Gas Mobile Apps

It’s old news that oil and gas is slow to adopt digital technology, especially mobile technology. Tech companies and marketers are quick to criticize big oil’s rate of advancement, but…

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Skype Mobile

Developing Mobile for the Enterprise: Three Commercial Apps Doing It Right

When Apple first opened the App Store, we saw that most apps available were consumer facing, recreational software — games, entertainment, and social media.

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Mobile-First User Acquisition & Engagement (Slides)

User acquisition and engagement can be different in a mobile-first strategy, but it’s just as important as it has always been. Checkout these slides for some insights on how to…

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